I Am God's Workmanship

Basic Theme:  Who am I? We ask this question during different stages and seasons of life and the answer likely changes each time we ask. As children, we develop our identity by what we are told from trusted adults. As teenagers, our peers and talents often define our identity. Later in life, jobs, marital status, and parenthood define who we are. These definitions shape our attitudes and behaviors. However, our true identity lies in the Word of God, and when we understand and embrace who God says are, we live in true freedom.

Sermon Snapshot:  In ancient Biblical times and even into the modern era, the value of something created by a craftsman is most often based on the reputation of the creator.  Tools, pottery, buildings, furniture, jewelry etc. are much more valuable than the raw materials they are created with and the function they fulfill because the items represent the work of the creator.  If that is true with “stuff,” then is it also true with people?  As people created by God, our value is magnified because of the handiwork of the creator!

So What?  Have you ever considered yourself to be a masterpiece?  Have you ever thought of yourself as the handiwork of God on display to honor the creator?  How would your life be different if you viewed yourself through the eyes of the creator?  What will it take to minimize the blemishes and magnify the beauty of Gods masterpiece?