I Am the One

Basic Theme:  While Lent as a season ends with Easter, Easter is without end.  We are an Easter people because we still live in the afterglow of the resurrection.  We worship each week on Sunday, the first day of the week, to celebrate that death has been conquered and to proclaim the “Our Savior Lives!”  We do not serve a suffering savior, we serve a risen Lord.  This is a story that we must tell!

Sermon Snapshot:  On the road to Emmaus, Jesus revealed to the two followers that all of the scriptures were about him, but for some reason, they were kept from recognizing him.  They didn’t get it!  But, when he broke the bread, their eyes were open and they ran to tell the others.  Jesus appeared again to them in the upper room and opened their minds to understand as he explained that all the scriptures pointed to him.  Essentially he said, I am the one who was sent and you are my witnesses.  My Father will pour the power of the Holy Spirit into you and then you must go and tell!

So What?  That same power is available to us if we would but receive it.  Have you received the Holy Spirit? Will you go and tell?