The Good King

Basic Theme:  Jesus Christ is King, Lord of all creation.  Christ the King Sunday is a day designated to recognize that although this world has many kingdoms and many rulers, our Savior is sovereign and reigns over all.   

Sermon Snapshot (Key Points):  Unlike most kings who long for power and wealth, our King longs for peace and offers grace and mercy.  Jesus claimed to be the Good Shepherd who would gladly lay down his life for his sheep.  It is true, Jesus does sit in the seat of judgment – but he is a righteous judge who bore our sins on himself.  This King, however, does not force his subjects into submission.  Our King humbly invites us to take part as co-heirs in his kingdom.

So What?  Do you only hear the message of judgment and condemnation?  Or, do you also hear the message of grace, forgiveness, and eternal reward?  Will you allow Jesus to not only be your King, but also your good shepherd?  Will you participate in the kingdom work of caring for the least of these?