Basic Theme:  Chasing the American Dream is part of our culture.  Livin’ the Dream consists of a house, car, white picket fence, marriage, 2.5 kids, and a good job to pay for it all.  Work hard, pay your taxes, accumulate much, and leave a little something for your family when your time on earth is done.  Many have sacrificed everything to achieve it only to discover that when they “arrive,” one question still looms… “Is there more to life than livin’ the dream?”  What if Christians began chasing a different dream?  How would our lives and our world change if our dream was to love deeply, serve humbly, forgive mercifully, give generously, and follow Jesus passionately?

Sermon Snapshot (Key Points):  From the time we enter the world, we are measured and compared to others. We monthly examine where a new baby falls on the growth chart. Students are tested regularly to determine their academic level in comparison to their peers. We give awards and top salaries to the best and the brightest. And the cover of any magazine will confirm our desire to know, “Am I good enough? Do I measure up? Do I fit in?” However, those are questions posed by humanity, not posed by God. In fact, God wants just the opposite. He wants us to stand out, to be an example of a better way to live this earthly life in preparation for our eternal life. God is calling us to be weird in our decision-making, in our priorities, in our values.

So What?  How do you measure your self-worth? Are you more concerned about how God sees you or how the world sees you? What change do you need to make in order to be weird in the eyes of the world but precious in the eyes of God? Are you willing to make those changes?